Beetle Bailey

R.I.P. Mort Walker. A very, very brief discussion of Beetle Bailey. Larry Nasser. Potato Chips. AIDS Myths. Another reading from the book of Elliot Rodger. 

Big Bossman

Cherry Bomb available on Amazon Prime. Hanukkah. Comfort women. Marv Albert. The great Darnell “Bossman” McGee.

To Catch a Predator

R.I.P. Max Clifford, Angry Grandpa, Roy Moore. Keaton saga. The guy that got caught twice on To Catch a Predator. Saving rabbits. What type of mentally challenged would you want to be?

Peeping Chronicles

R.I.P. August Ames. Voyeur documentary featuring the great Gerald Foos. A gentlemen in Connecticut makes love to a dead body. The great Roy Moore!

See Dick Run

The guys discuss See Dick Run. Topics include: voodoo, Kel Mitchell, sign spinning, and mostly, losing your penis. “Player Richard Jones (Kel Mitchell) meets his match when one of the (many) women he’s cast off puts a curse on him that leaves him …

Old School

The guys discuss Old School. Topics include: Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, fraternities, earmuffs, Don Magic Juan, and mostly, boning underage girls. “Three guys in their early thirties try to relive their glory days by moving into a house near their old college campus. …