American Pie

On this episode of Toga Party, the guys take a look at American Pie. Topics include scrambled porn, beer with semen in it, STIFLER!!!, ghost titties, magic eye puzzles, Big Jerome, Roy G. Biv, Ben Franklin, Audrey Hepburn, Steve “Air” McNair, the birth of the MILF, shitting at school, Jezebel, sex robots, fighting for the Taliban, and of course, pie fucking.

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In American Pie, Jim gets caught masturbating

That is actually Jason Biggs’ cock in that sock. Much like Jackie Chan, he insists on doing all his own stunts.

Jim is stroking off to scrambled porn, when his parents rudely barge in. They don’t even let him finish.

Stifler ignores Shermanator

Steve Stifler, restoring the social order

Stifler has a party. Everyone shows up, even nerds like the Shermanator.

Oz says "Suck me, beautiful"

You didn’t say “please”

Oz has a date with a college girl, so he has to bust out his best line.

Stifler drinks beer with cum in it

Sippin’ on some jizzurp, sip-sip-sippin’ on some jizzurp

Someone rudely ejaculated into a beer and left it laying around. Stifler has a very strict waste no beer policy, so …

Jim is caught having sex with pie

Here’s Johnny!

 Jim is rather old fashioned when it comes to pie fucking and prefers the missionary position.

We'll Just Tell Your Mother That We Ate It All

It’s wrong to lie to your mother. They should really eat that pie

Jim and his father conspire to hide the pie fucking from his mom.

Jim prematurely ejaculates

In Germany, this is known as “Wesselschmidting”

Jim has a study date with the hot foreign exchange student. She is into him for some reason, but when he touches her thigh, he immediately ejaculates.

Finch has diarrhea, scares girls

Pooping? In the bathroom? What a creep!

Stifler put laxatives in Finch’s mochachino which causes him to shit violently. Remember, this was 1999 and girls weren’t into shit…yet.

Band girl stuck a flute in her pussy

In the original script, this line continues with “…and then I played ‘Born in the USA'” but had to be removed due to legal action threatened by Springsteen’s people

Jim’s date tells him about her adventures at band camp.

Stifler faints

Down goes Stifler

Stifler walks in on Finch having sex with his mom. He reacts as you would expect him to.