Fraternity Vacation

They guys discuss Fraternity Vacation. Topics include: pledges, web hosting, bunk beds, monster jugs, Chaz Lawler III, sex bets, pommel horses, and mostly, gay porn.

Watch on Fraternity Vacation on YouTube. It shows tits somehow!


Wendell from Fraternity Vacation

Ay yo I’m slippin’, I’m fallin’, I can’t get up

Just like The Wizard of Oz, this movie starts out in black & white. Unlike The Wizard of Oz, no Asian people were enslaved as a way to cut back on labor costs.

Wendell grabs a butt


Wendell attempts the 2 cheek butt slap, a risky and sometimes fatal maneuver.


Wendell knocks people into pool

He probably doesn’t need all that stuff

Wendell clumsily stumbles around the pool and ends up killing 6 people.


Wendell asks a woman for a blowjob in the parking lot

Pro Tip: Do not say this to your waitress when she tells you she’s out of IPA’s

Joe and Mother try to teach Wendell the finer points of talking to a lady. He nails it.


Chaz Lawler skydives into a pool

Chas is coming in hot!!!

Our hero, Charles “Chas” Lawlor III knows how to make an entrance. The “III” stands for “III Reich”


Chaz swings on pommel horse

Chas sexually assaults a pommel horse. 10.0!

Chas tries to show off for Ashley by hypnotizing her with the rhythmic swaying of his dong meat.


Wendell falls off a roof, gets accused of rape

She shouldn’t have been dressed that way

Wendell is looking at the stars and decides to show this lady his Big Dipper.


Wendell says he was in jail for attempted rape

Gon’ brush your shoulders off!

Wendell tells Joe and Mother about his run-in with Johnny Law. Wendell somehow beats the rape charge even though he can barely throw a football. Weird, huh?


Wendell is thrown out of a restaurant

“Excuse me, that’s attempted rapist!”

Chief Buttface overreacts when he sees his daughter with an accused rapist and ruins everyone’s brunch. Now, who’s the real criminal here?


The sex bet is uncovered.

Ashley is upset because she was under the impression that her dignity was more important than money. Oops.

Ashley finds out the guys made a bet on her. You know, when you have a sex bet, at least one guy should  bet that the girl will eventually find out…cuz that shit always happens.


A car drives though a party.

“Aw sweet, there’s a spot right up front!”

Joe and Mother have to resort to domestic terrorism in order to help their friend Wendell.


Ashley comes out of Wendell's room.

Wendell gives Ashley her daily allotment of Vitamin D

And of course Ashley decides to bone down with the unattractive, judgmental nerd Wendell cuz the girl has to bang somebody and girls are stupid.