Getting Lucky

This week on Toga Party, the guys discuss Getting Lucky. Topics include: cockblocking, world peace, gay porn on acid, drunken leprechauns, attempted rape, Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson, fingerbangin’/fingerpoppin’, recycling, Adler’s surprising singing talent, Jeffrey Dahmer’s dreams, female ejaculation, supporting the troops, Elliot Rodgers, USA Up All Night, self-fellating deer, and beating Irish children. Use 1 of your 3 wishes to download this episode!

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Nerd Whipped With Towel

Take that, nerd!

Coach introduces us to Bill, the new towel boy. Tony and the rest of the guys do their best to make him feel welcome.


Nerd Recycling Cans

The only thing it can’t redeem is the time you wasted recycling

Getting Lucky uses Bill’s recycling habit to paint him as an outcast. Today in NYC, if you don’t recycle, Bill DeBlasio will personally kick you in the taint.


Nerd throws spoiled milk on jock

Splash, your dick’s wet!

Tony’s trying to lay some pipe with Krissi. Bill fucks it up by tossing a bucket of battery acid on them…or water…probably water…I don’t remember. I think I fell asleep by this point already.


Nerd Finds Leprechaun In Beer Bottle

Bill learns something important. The answers to all your problems are at the bottom of a bottle

Here we go! We finally meet Lepky the Leprechaun. He’s been banished to this bottle by the goblins and he needs someone to read a spell so he can be freed from the bottle and he’ll then give that person 3 wishes and is anyone still listening?


Nerd Cockblocks At Drive-In

“Sssshhhhhhhh…I’m not even here.”

Krissi ditches Bill at the drive-in so she can go give Tony a tugjob. Bill decides to politely wait his turn outside.


Jock Sticks Tennis Racket Up Butt

Frankly, I think it’s easier just to keep it in your gym bag

Tony won’t stop pestering our main man Bill. So Lepky decides to help Tony with his backhand.


Nerd In Womans Pubes

Pussy Riot

Lepky shrinks Bill down to the size of an ant. Then Bill gets stuck in Krissi’s underwear. Then he bangs around in her pubes. Then I watched this scene again…and again…and again.


Nerd Bounces Around In Cheerleader's Panties

Believe it or not, this is actually one of the earliest uses of modern CGI technology. This 25 second scene reportedly cost upwards of $17 million

Some set designer had to build a giant fake vagina. Just in case you’re wondering, the Oscar for Best Production Design in 1990 went to Dick Tracy, which is a fucking joke if you ask me.


Native American On Two Horses

Sadly, both of these horses (and Bill #1) were killed shorty after filming this scene

Tony has kidnapped Krissi and he’s getting away. Luckily, our hero Bill just happens to run into his friendly neighborhood horse merchant.


Leprechaun in Champagne Bottle


Bill saves Krissi and they tie the knot. Bill thinks he needs to tell Krissi the truth about Lepky. She doesn’t believe him at first, but when Bill checks the bottle, he finds an old friend (Hint: it’s Lepky).