House Party

The guys discuss House Party. Topics include: quiet vs. loud girls, police brutality, Stab, Zilla, Pee-wee, project chicks, rump wranglers, grinding, and mostly, corny brothers.

“When his martinet father learns he’s been fighting with school bullies, Kid (Christopher Reid) gets put under house arrest. There’s just one problem: His best friend, Play (Christopher Martin), is hosting the bash of the year, and Kid’s gotta get his groove on. Naturally, he sneaks out and ends up in the thick of the hoo-hah — and in the arms of his dream girl. Martin Lawrence makes an early film appearance as one of Kid ‘n Play’s best buds.”

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House Party Gifs

In House Party, Kid throws jello at bullies.

That’s not how you’re supposed to serve food. He should really be wearing gloves

Kid chucks some Jell-O at the bullies and hits a picture of Reagan. This scene caused quite an uproar as middle America thought this was a way for the African American community to smear Reagan. As a result, Jell-O hired Bill Cosby to pitch their products. Sooooo…..

I smell, I smell, I smell pussy.

Pro Tip: This only works when you say it to a guy and not a girl you met at a bar

Stab, Zilla, and Pee Wee try to help Kid with his hygiene issues.

Bully holds Kid over his head and punches him.

“Bro, do you even lift….scrawny nerds over your head and punch them? You do? Okay, cool”

Violence is never the answer…unless it is comically overreactive.

Pouring sugar in Kool Aid.

“You makin’ some of that Dick Gregory?”

Peanut, making dinner.

A fat guy humping.

“I beat dat pussy up up up up up up up!”

Kid watches a couple have sex through their open window and for some reason does not immediately start jerkin’ it and therefore is a much better neighbor than me.

Kid gets arrested.

A lot of stuff in this movie is dated. Some other things are right on time

There’s a recurring theme of police harassing minorities which is one of the few things from this movie that is still relevant today.

John Witherspoon yelling out the window.

Remember ladies, it’s okay for a man to cat call if he is on his own property. It’s like “Stand Your Ground” but for titties

John Witherspoon knows how to talk to the ladies.

Kid and Play do a choreographed dance

This is a shot for shot remake of the street light scene from “Singin’ in the Rain”

Michael Flatley owes these brothers some money.

Stab, Zilla, and Pee wee pull out weapons.

Conflict resolution

Stab wants to set Play’s house on fire and bash the fleeing people’s heads in while Zilla and Pee Wee are really more comfortable with simple assault.

Someone clogged Play's toilet.

Hmmm, looks like Tarantino stole the “trunk shot” from Kid ‘n Play

Some jerk clogged Play’s toilet with a huge dookie.

Kid opens a condom.

That’s one ashy rubber!

Kid realizes that his condom is not gonna do the job so he foolishly chooses not to have sex. Bro, don’t you know duct tape fixes everything?

Kid raps to avoid getting raped.

Silly Kid. You can’t rap your way outta rape…you gotta Samba!

Kid goes to jail and has to rap his way outta getting raped.  This scene later inspired the off-Broadway hit  Oz: The Musical

Play gives Kid birth control advice

Play has some progressive ideas on reproductive health

Unlike his stuck-in-the-past friend Kid, Play believes that women are strong enough to handle unplanned pregnancies on their own. Good on him!