Just One Of The Guys

The guys discuss Just One of the Guys. Topics include: queefs, Shakespeare, Dave Coulier wronged Jeff, journalism, sexism, the nutritional value of school lunches, Penthouse Forum, cross dressing, Miggs from Silence of the Lambs, ball scratching techniques, crotch stuffing, how to wear a chain wallet, urinal rankings, jock strap inspections, Harold “Reptile” Sherbecoe, a glove full of vaseline, Chris Evert, naming your penis, a homophobic prom band, and biker women. Remember, all ball’s itch. That’s a fact.

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In Just One Of The Guys, Terry doesn't know how to scratch balls


Terry’s brother Buddy shows her how to act like a guy. He begins with the most important lesson of all, ball scratching. Terry fails miserably.

Buddy shows his sister how to scratch your balls

Shake it off

Buddy takes great pride in his ball scratching skills. What’s truly impressive is that the method actor playing Buddy is actually left-handed. He walked around for 6 weeks doing nothing but grabbing his crotch right-handed and lost 38 lbs! Daniel Day Lewis is a punk bitch.

Woman dressed as a man walking

“Do di do di dooo…just a dude walking around with my penis and testicles that I totally have…do di do di doooo”

Terry thinks that if she pretends to be a guy, the teachers will have a greater appreciation for her writing. So she cuts her hair, lowers her voice, and stuffs a rolled sock down her pants. To be honest, it’s halfway believable.

A jock giving a nerd a wedgie

First they banned torture, next they’ll ban wedgies. Thanks, Obama.

Greg totally lifts, bro. Here we see him demonstrating proper Nerd Upright Row Lift technique, an Olympic event until 1936. Thanks, Hitler.

Terry gets tossed in a bush

We’ve got bush!

Terry tries to be “just one of the guys.” It doesn’t work and Greg responds accordingly.

nerds dumped off bench

Clean up, aisle dweeb!

These nerds think they can just sit around and enjoy their lunch like normal people. Thankfully, Greg gets there just in time. He even remembered to bring his nerd-tossin’ gloves.

Nerd gets a jockstrap thrown in  her face

Don’t act like you don’t like it

Terry goes into the locker room to change clothes for gym class. As soon as she walks in some jerk hits her with a jock to the grill, a move insiders call a “Virgin Richie Incognito” (During the traditional “Richie Incognito”, the assailant keeps the jock on while striking the face).

Guy asks Terry to look at his dick

Thanks to Google image search, we no longer have to ask strangers for sexual health advice

There’s something wrong with this fella’s ding-a-ling. He asks Terry for help. She demurs.

Nerd with a snake around neck


This is Reptile, a character that exists for no fucking reason at all. Ah, the ’80s — when the most dangerous things trench coat-kids carried were snakes.

Girl finds sock stuffed in crotch

This is why you sew the sock roll into your jeans, rook

Terry and Sandy are fooling around on the beach and Sandy attempts the ol’ Sandusky Sneak. When she discovers the cock sock, she ain’t even mad. In fact, she’s flattered!

Nerd pulls lizard out of pocket


Again, for no fucking reason at all, Reptile. I wish there was a director’s cut that shows the first 7 takes where the lizard violently bites Reptile’s hand.

Nerd gets thrown in ocean

There goes that tuxedo rental deposit

Greg punches Rick so Terry decides to defend her best buddy/secret crush. Greg gives Terry the bum’s rush.

Buddy gets on motorcycle with strange woman

Every teenage boy’s dream…a 40-something, leather-faced biker chick

Buddy rides off into the sunset with his motorcycle mama.