The guys discuss Preppies. Topics include: sniffing armpits, steam shovels, dickfors, snappers, Wolfy’s, Dick Foster, and mostly, rich jerks.

“In this racy comedy, snooty college student Chip (Dennis Drake) must pass his exams to earn his inheritance, while his boorish cousin Blackwel (Leonard Haas) does everything he can to make sure that Chip fails in order to snag the $50 million for himself. Blackwel may be crude, but he’s smart enough to know that sexy women are a surefire distraction on the way to the library. Toss in some wild parties and Chip may never see his fortune.”

Preppies Gifs

a preppie kisses feet


Chip and Margot practice really, really, really safe sex.

Mark gets a boner

Goin up, on a Tuesday

Let’s remember, it’s not weird if everyone gets a boner at the same time.

happy birthday Jeff

Ain’t no party like a girls-that-were-paid-to-have-sex-with-you-in-a-blackmail-scheme-put-forth-by-your-creepy-cousin-Blackwel-in-an-attempt-to-steal-your-inheritance-party cuz a girls-that-were-paid-to-have-sex-with-you-in-a-blackmail-scheme-put-forth-by-your-creepy-cousin-Blackwel-in-an-attempt-to-steal-your-inheritance-party don’t stop!

Tip, Jo, and Roxanne throw a party for the preppies but it’s kinda lame. I didn’t see one donkey snorting cocaine. Not one!

repel peeping

It’s okay, only one of them is his daughter

Margot’s father hears sex noises coming from his daughter’s room so naturally he risks his own life to satisfy his incestuous desires.

Girls drive van through a house.

The girls take it to the house like Trick Daddy

Suzy and the girls crash into a house and somewhere Bob Vila swears revenge.

Blackwell sniffs armpits.

“Raise your hand if this movie is your only SAG credit”

Chip’s cousin Blackwel likes to sniff and lick armpits. Gross! That’s like your shoulder’s butt!

Blackwell shoots at the preppies

Stupid Blackwel brought a gun to a dance fight

Blackwel shows the preppies how to dance using extreme teaching techniques. From what I understand, a very similar scene was cut from Whiplash.