Private School

On this episode of Toga Party, Jeff and John review Private School. Topics include: girth vs length, “The Horniness Index”, flaming bags of shit and the human response, Stan Musial, fertile cargo, Nazi apologists, topless horseback riding, guys in drag…again!, Emmanuelle, fisting, Bow Wow Wow, hot beef injections, sex bet odds, Leisure Suit Larry, and How To Build a Proper Bro Crew.

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Falling While Peeping

Peep Carefully!

The boys don’t have a ladder, but they don’t let that stop them from accomplishing their goals. This is true perseverance. Unfortunately, it backfires, and they all get concussions.

Bag of poop on fire

There’s poop in it again!

Chrissy and Betsy don’t like Jordan flaunting her body in front of the guys, so they naturally get revenge by putting horse shit in a bag and lighting it on fire. This is their solution to every problem, even global warming.

Bubba gets cockblocked by a bunch of old ladies

Old people ruin everything

Bubba is about to make love to Betsy for some reason, when these old perverts come barging in, trying to sneak a peak.

Guys dressed as women

The Three Stooges for the 21st century

The guys do what men have done since the middle ages, dress like women and sneak into the girls’ dorm.

Bubba Lunges at girl in a bra

Bubba in a trance

If you are going to sneak into a girls’ dorm, try to refrain from lunging at them like a rabid pit bull.

Jim massages Jordan in drag

What kind of lotion is that?

Jordan forces Jim to give her a massage. He obviously ejaculates.

Drive Car In Pool

Women drivers…

Miss Dutchbok and Chauncey are already getting busy in the back of Jordan’s Dad’s car. When Betsy and Bubba amplify their sex noises so that everyone can hear it, Miss Dutchbok begins choking them and accidentally knocks the emergency brake. The car goes on a path of terror and flies into a pool.

Bubba sprays champagne on jordan

Bubba, the mastermind

Bubba bets his friends that he can get Jordan to take her shirt off. Then he reveals his brilliant plan, he sprays champagne on her shirt. This is why he’s our fearless leader.

Girls push Bubba out window

Domestic Violence 🙁

Betsy busts Bubba trying to trick Jordan into having sex with him. They both team up and push him out a window.

The girls moon Miss Dutchbok

The American Education system #smh