Risky Business

The guys discuss Risky Business. Topics include: Tom Cruise, dancing in your underwear, letting your friends bone in your house, and mostly hookers.

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Tom Cruise dances in underwear in Risky Business

The first thing all straight guys do when home alone.

Joel dances around the house in his underwear.

Tom Cruise opens door for transsexual

If you thought the first time Tom Cruise worked with Ving Rhames was in Mission: Impossible, guess again

Miles calls a hooker over to Joel’s house. Joel is understandably a little nervous since it’s his first time.

Joey Pants threatens a hooker with a gun

“Is that a gun in your pants or are you just happy to see…oh, no that is a gun in your pants. Sorry. You were saying?

Lana’s “manager” is attempting to resolve a “payroll situation.”

A car falls in a lake

So sad. That poor stunt car was only two days away from retirement

Joel ruins his dad’s Porsche so he decides to pimp out his new whore friends to his loser buddies to pay for the damages. ¬†Soooo cliche.

Tom Cruise grabs an old lady

Yoooouuuuu saaayyy “goodbye,” and I saayyy “get over here you old broad!”

The nurse refuses to to excuse Joel’s absence. This will go on his permanent record.

Tom Cruise puts on sunglasses

Joel wears his sunglasses at night

This is exactly what I said when that homeless lady started touching my ding-a-ling on the train last weekend.

Tom Cruise makes a diving catch

“Discordant Notes” was the name of Jeff and John’s punk rock acapella group in high school

Joel lays out like Willie Mays to save his mother’s crystal egg.