The guys discuss Screwballs. Topics include: Mythbusters, cafeteria workers, Purity Busch, drive-ins, spanish fly, magnetism, and mostly, peeping schemes.

“Five horny high school students in detention decide to get even with the popular girl who squealed on them and landed them in trouble. They make a pact to deflower the virginal Purity Busch before the year’s over.”

Screwballs Gifs

In Screwballs, a hot dog sign swings back and forth.

That man on the sign is getting more action in one day than I got in my entire time in high school

Jerkovsky causght masturbating in meat locker

“Oh my god, it looks like he’s masturbating but I better put on my glasses to make sure!”

Purity's dad shoots at Tim

Purity’s dad stands his ground after Tim took his wife to pound town

Giant boner on diving board

A sign that this movie doesn’t pay attention to detail? That is NOT a regulation size diving board

Bowling ball stuck on boner

They had to film at least 15 takes before they got the ball to stick on Howie’s boner. That’s dedication

Shoots bowling ball across alley.

This is the slippery slope conservatives refer to when they talk about gay marriage. You let enough slide and eventually we’re all fucking bowling balls

Tim pushes a woman in a wheelchair

Mrs. Roach crashes…into a giant bag of flour, apparently

Waitress deep throats a sausage.

Hide the salam’ action!


First in flight, first to the moon, and first to develop a machine to forcefully remove a virgin’s clothes…GOD BLESS AMERICA!