The Party Animal

The guys discuss The Party Animal. Topics include: turnip trucks, confederate flags, poetry, hound dogs, jackrabbits, aphrodisiacs, and mostly, scheming to get laid.

“College freshman Pondo Sinatra (Matthew Causey) wants nothing more than to score with the ladies, but he’s so unlucky that even his manly roommate, Studley (Tim Carhart), can’t help him. So, Pondo hits the chemistry lab and whips up a potion that turns him into “The Party Animal” and makes him irresistible.”

Party Animal Gifs

pondo jumps off of a truck

“Sure I can drop you off at the university. Who do you think ordered all these turnips?”

Pondo gets hit in balls with sledgehammer

That nurse is a real ball buster

Hound dog is gonna eat that pussy

Yeah, but hound dog also eats bugs and his own shit so….

pondo is chased by townspeople


bouncing boobs

This girl’s jugs flop around so much Adam Silver just fined her $5000

fake penis pops out of box

Technically you need a concealed carry permit for a spring loaded dildo. FYI

Woman gets turned into a monkey

Does he still bang the gorilla or nah?

All of pondo's victims

“One of you is the father of Pondo’s baby, and we’re gonna find out who…right after these messages”

pondo is attacked by women

Typical sorority behavior, taking advantage of helpless men. Sad.

Pondo is killed by fat women

THIS is actually why obesity is the leading cause of death in America, not heart disease