Weekend Pass

The guys discuss Weekend Pass. Topics include: the Navy, cocky studs, stand up comedy, aerobics, gangs, and mostly, a boring movie.

“Four single Navy sailors get a 72-hour pass of shore leave freedom in Los Angeles before they have to report for duty and ship out. The quartet lives it up, sowing their wild oats, crawling from Venice Beach to strip clubs and chasing every woman in sight in this comic romp from director Lawrence Bassoff. Chip McAllister and Peter Ellenstein co-star, with the hilarious Phil Hartman as Joe Chicago.”

Weekend Pass Gifs

In weekend pass, a hobo strangles something.

In Weekend Pass, Paul Fricker buried in sand.

Walked on with high heels

Spraying mustard on shirt.

Bunker Hill punches a gang member.

A Mau mau pulls out a zipgun.

A female comedian killing.

Humphrey Bogart comedian.

Paul bombs at stand up comedy.