Weird Science

The guys discuss Weird Science. Topics include optimal boob size, 80s computers, tossing off, wolf bait, mutants, and the great Chet.

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Gary and Wyatt's pants get pulled down

Welcome to the pants party!

Gary and Wyatt know how to make a first impression.

boobs bouncing around

Uhh, I think this animation is going in the wrong direction.

Gary and Wyatt start designing their dream woman. They decide to give her smaller jugs for safety’s sake.

computer hacking in 80s

Clocks. Theory of Relativity. Eyeball. This is what computer science looked like in 1985.

This is what special effects looked like in the ’80s. Remember that the next time you shit on James Cameron.

Gary and Wyatt shower with  Lisa

“You’re right, Gary…this is much better with a woman here with us”

The first thing Gary and Wyatt want to do with Lisa? Showering with her…which is kinda like buying a Ferrari and immediately going to parallel park.

Gary and Wyatt walk into black bar

“Jeepers, Gary. It’s the minorities!”

Lisa takes Gary and Wyatt out on the town. They go to a black club. However, since this is not 2015, it’s kinda awkward because at this time racism still existed.

Gary and Wyatt get slushie dumped on heads

The bullies confuse Gary and Wyatt for a trash receptacle. Honest mistake

Bullies Max and Ian (played by Ironman) finally stand up for themselves and put the nerds in their place.

I never tossed off

Uh…I think you’re doing it wrong, bro

Gary is embarrassed ‘cuz Lisa busts him on his nudie magazines.

Gary points gun at mutant

“Yo, lemme get that whistle”

Gary goes all Charles Bronson and points a gun at a Native American.

Chet hits girl with shotgun

God bless the 2nd amendment

Chet is practicing proper gun safety here. Notice how he doesn’t have his finger resting on the trigger while threatening Deb with a loaded shotgun.

Chet was turned into pile of shit

The actor inside the Chet/Pile of Shit costume? None other than Sir Ben Kingsley!

Lisa uses her powers to turn Chet into a giant pile of shit.

A gym class faints.

“Oh no, I forgot to give Toga Party a 5-star rating on iTunes!”

Lisa shows up as the new gym teacher. The boys pass out like they just had some Cosby Kool-Aid.